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Infinityfleck studio is a Game Development company which creates 2D/3D/AR games for Many Platforms Like ios, android, PC, Mac and many more. Infinityfleck studio is dedicated in game development to people/ Company who want to Make Awesome Games. With over 3+ years of Development experience and after doing many client projects we know exactly what our client needs.

Our Mission

Our goal is to create high end, best quality games. We know we are small but most crative in our own field.

Our Plan

Our Design model is simple, make the product till it doesn't reach it's "Best Quality" that people love.

Our Vision

Infinityfleck studio's goal isn't to make money. Our goal is to design, develop and bring to make good products


Infinityfleck studio's goal isn't to make money. Our goal is to design and develop and bring to make good products....We trust as a consequence of that, people will like them, and as another consequence, we'll make some money. But we're really clear about what our goals are.


Concept development. Research. Maximizing fun. Level Design. Virtual economy set up. Game design in the mobile social gaming space is a whole new beast, and we are one of the few organizations to have genuine expertise in this area.


Mobile games need high-quality, consistent art and a continuous supply of new content. Our experience in developing art for some of the most successful social games makes us the preferred partner for anyone looking to enter this space.


Each mobile platform has its own unique challenges. With our in-house technology, specially developed for mobile social games, we can take your idea to market quickly and to multiple platforms simultaneously.


We offer continuous, long-term QA support that focuses on delivering a stable, bug-free game which is also fun, well-designed, and internally consistent. Our QA expertise includes GUI testing, compatibility testing, regression testing, IAP testing, reliability testing, build acceptance testing, monky testing, and much more.


Social games need a certain critical mass to become engaging. At [x]cube games we have the right partnerships with mobile ad agencies, distribution channels, and more. This means we get you the best deals with all the key players and help you take your game to the top.


A/B testing, monitoring entries and exits, creating and optimizing funnels-- analytics are everything for a social game and a direct determinant of revenue potential. With our expertise in implementing analytics and monetization hooks, we are the right partner for your killer game ideas.

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P-510, Usha Mitra Marg, BeoharBagh Ghamapur, Jabalpur, MP(INDIA)

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+91 8871386179

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